Auto Finesse Clay Bar Fine 200G

Rp 306.600

A big 200g bar of fine, soft clay thats easy to use and won’t marr paintwork, it sounds to good to be true but thats just what we have to offer you here in the form of the Auto Finesse Clay bar fine, idea for those new to clay bars and claying whilst the seasoned pros would also appreciate its consistency and effectiveness, Clay bar fine is perfect for all paint types, combined with our Glide clay lube you will be able to achieve a marr and scratch free smooth finish with ease. This product will likely be one of the first in your detailing products.

Check out our claying guide here for more info on claybars and how to use them CLICK ME

Directions for use:

1: Wash paintwork thoroughly first

2: Treat a small 30cm x 30cm area at a time

3: Apply clay lube liberally to the area

4: Mould a piece of clay (50g) into a disc

5: Using back and forth motions, rub the clay gently across paintwork

6: Fold regularly to reveal a clean surface


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